Exhibitions of Chiiz Campus

Selected photos will be displayed in the exhibition which will be appreciated by the judges, universities/colleges, international artists and people from across the globe. These exhibitions will take the the participants on a journey of recognition.  Acknowledgement of such kind will allow participants to get ample exposure around the world.

  • The exhibition will provide you a stage to show your talent
  • You will get a chance to learn a lot by the work of other talented photographers .

Workshops of Chiiz Campus

Workshops will be conducted by reputed photographers for the Winning University and you will also get other perks too. This workshop will be accurate for a pair of keen, passionate for minimalistic art and a fine art aficionados.

The mentors of the workshop will make sure that every participant is acknowledged and their participation is well noticed. Counselling sessions will help the students for building influences and to know the process from clicking photos to post processing skills and selling photos to getting a brand name.    


Assignments of Chiiz Campus

Regular assignments will be provided to participants with brainstorming sessions and group decisions so that every perspective of photography is taken care of. Participants get paid for the assignments after submission. Paid assignments will enhance the students with a better understanding of the technical part of photography as well as give the students an opportunity to learn monetization through photography. Through Campus, the participants also get a chance to land an internship and get their work published in the Chiiz magazine which will add to their photography portfolio.